veken was listed as one of the top ten enterprises in China’s light industry new energy battery industry

According to the statistical analysis, the operating revenue of lithium ion batteries in China reached 172.7 billion yuan in 2018, up 8.7 percent from 158.9 billion yuan in 2017.The production of lithium ion batteries increased from 100.9 gw to 124.2 gw, up 23.1 percent year-on-year.This is mainly due to the rapid growth of the market for power batteries and energy storage batteries for new energy vehicles.Among them, the operating revenue of lithium ion batteries for consumer electronic products increased from 75.7 billion yuan to 77.2 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of about 2%, and the output increased from 52.4 gigawatt hours, with a year-on-year growth of 3%, to 54 gigawatt hours.Consumer electronics batteries market are mainly mobile phones, laptops, mobile power supply, electric tools and wearable devices, such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets and mobile power supply market demand are reduced, but the electric bicycle, electric tools, wearable device for lithium ion battery demand growth relatively quickly.Operating revenue of lithium-ion batteries for new energy vehicles rose 14.1% year-on-year to 89 billion yuan from 78 billion yuan.Output rose 44.6 gw h, up 45.7 per cent year-on-year to 65 gw h.Operating revenue of lithium ion batteries for energy storage increased by 20% year-on-year from 5.2 billion yuan to 6.5 billion yuan, and output increased by 35% year-on-year from 3.9 gigawatt hours to 5.2 gigawatt hours.

– China chemical and physical power supply industry association

On July 29, 2019, China chemical and physical power supply industry association released the “top 100 battery enterprises in China 2018” after review and evaluation based on enterprise declaration data and annual report data of listed companies.

A few days ago, China battery industry association issued the announcement of the evaluation results of the top 10 battery enterprises in 2018 (battery society of China [2019] no. 76), and vicco technology co., ltd. was listed as the top 10 enterprises in the new energy battery industry of China’s light industry.The evaluation is jointly organized by China light industry federation and China battery industry association. After voluntary declaration, review and evaluation by the association, the comprehensive evaluation is conducted. The purpose is to promote the competitiveness of battery enterprises and encourage them to become bigger and stronger.

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