“Promoting the development of new energy by inheriting the values of vico”

At 1 PM on April 11, 2019, the technical cadre team training and mobilization meeting and the first training were held in the battery training room on the first floor of dongguan vicco. Nearly 100 senior cadres from the headquarters and various industrial companies attended the training.

The beginning of the training, by weike general manager Yang dongwen do training mobilization.Yang pointed out that the cadre team is the cornerstone of the company’s sustainable development.This training is divided into four classes for cadres of different levels, focusing on leadership, execution, operation and management ability, professional quality and professional skills.The purpose of this training is (1) to publicize the corporate culture, unify the values, and strengthen the four orientations of vico technology company;(2) organize and form a clear cadre echelon of the company to build a cadre team with virtue, talent, re-management, understanding of management and strong execution.(3) hierarchical classification, establishment of competency model, with the principle of reaching the standard, to comprehensively improve the post competency of cadres;(4) carry out effective talent inventory, establish a cadre qualification standard system and evaluation system, and form a cadre training and development system.

In the first training, we invited Mr. He zong, chairman of vico holding group and vico technology, to give a lecture on “inheriting vico values and boosting the development of new energy”.He pointed out that vico culture and values originated from the inner motive force of vico entrepreneurs and every outstanding vico person, and were summarized, modified, enriched and improved by every outstanding vico person, and were the decisive factor to ensure vico overcome difficulties and sustained and steady development.As corporation core team, to deep understanding to the severe situation faced by the current, to rally the team should use vico values, improve internal management, and solve problems to deal with the external environment, solidarity, difficult to overcome, ensure stock performance targets of the company, in return for shareholders and at the same time, realize their life values.

The training and mobilization meeting for the technical cadre team of vicco was successfully concluded with warm applause.

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