Lithium battery integrated solutions provider

Development history

Veken entered lithium-ion battery industry in 2004 and now becomes the superior supplier and experts in areas mainly of 3C digital battery, little power battery and intelligent electronic equipment and etc. based on the financial strength of Veken Technology (stock code 600152).

Quality control

Ensure the high orderly operation of quality system and satisfy the customer’ requirements of products quality. The reliability test, security test, electrical performance, electrochemical analysis and other relative tests and analytical methods about lithium-ion batteries are also well developed.


R&D strength

Veken technology has established the research institute and engineering technology center which keeps close contact with famous high school and institute. We have more than 300 R&D stuff and build good relationships with CNITECH, Zhejiang University and etc.. The academician workstation is rated as academician workstation of Zhejiang Province, expert workstation of national demonstration academician.

Further developing R&D

-undertaking science and technology projects of Ningbo

-has applied almost 100 patents

-has 32 authorized patents

Veken Research Institute

The institute focused on material development, process development and products development. The national certification of CNAS was obtained in 2017.

Engineering Technology Center

The center focuses on product design and process development. 600 new product developing projects are conducted every year. The R&D team supplies the best customized solutions and services for our clients.

Testing Center

The testing center has serial equipment for electrical performance, endurance test, mechanical & environmental adaptability test and etc. The rapid evaluation method for lithium-ion battery and battery packs is well established.

Intelligence Production

Combined with the development needs of the industry, the advanced intelligent manufacturing process system is constructed with the support of automatic production line and digital production traceability system. Veken technology has established its leading position in 3C digital market and power battery market based on integrating production system and intelligent technology,
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