Ningbo veken battery successfully held the 2019 twi-ji module summary conference for team leader capacity improvement

In recent years, with the increase of industry competition, customer requirements, product output, quality improvement, promote the company’s internal basic management to a higher level.To this end, ningbo vicco battery specially planned “2019 TWI training for team leader capacity improvement”, which started in April and lasted for 3 months and was successfully completed in late June.

On June 29 in the afternoon, ningbo vico batteries in the factory training room held a “vico battery team leader ability raise TWI – 2019 JI module summarization convention”, to attend this conference are: the leadership of the company mr.wong, zhang, as well as the relevant person in charge of the manufacturing department, human resources, to review the phased achievements since more than two months, and accumulate experience, lessons, for the present stage for the next phase of training.

Company general manager chuan-bao wang summing-up speech, pointed out the existing problems and the insufficiency in current team management, puts forward the specific requirements on grass-roots team construction, encourage team leader are based, devotion, at the grass-roots level constantly strengthen their own quality, improve the level of team management, promote the learning and skilled team of construction, lead team staff to efficiently complete the production task, lay a solid foundation for the development of the company.

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